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Academician Stepan Demianchuk Interanational University of Economics and Humanities is the first private education establishment in Western Ukraine.

Its formation began in 1993. According to the decision of the International Pedagogical Academy (IPA), the Rivne Scientific-Consultation Center (branch of the IPA), registered by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, has started its activity as an institution with the right to prepare specialists with higher education.

December 1994, the institution was given a new name «Rivne Institute od Economics and Humanities (RIEH)», which received a license for educational activities in the field of higher education.

June 1998, diplomas were awarded to the first 407 graduates of the Institute. The first diploma with honors was received by teacher Natalia Chepelyuk.

April 29, 1999, the first Museum of Peace in Ukraine was opened at the institute at the initiative of the founder of the Institute academician Stepan Demianchuk.

In 2001, the institute is renamed “International University “RIEH” named after Academician Stepan Demianchuk”.
May 21, 2001, International University “RIEH” is accredited by the third educational qualification level.
In 2004, the institution received the present name – Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities. In the same year, IUEH is included in the State Register of Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine.

Nowadays, there are 9 faculties in the IUEH. The University has five modern educational buildings, the largest in the region Sports and Recreation Complex, a swimming pool, own hostels, computer classes, with computers connected to the local network, a publishing center, a library with an electronic catalog etc. In our University there are creative and scientific clubs, students’ theater, club of the cheerful and sharp-witted, dance clubs. We are proud of our athletes, the winners and prize-winners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the World and European Championships.

Over the past 16 years, the University has trained over 13,000 highly qualified specialists who have received state-level diplomas.

Today, the educational process at the IUEH is provided by 44 professors, doctors of sciences, academics of branch and international academies, 138 candidates of sciences and associate professors..

As of January 1, 2011, 17 international scientific and practical conferences on economic and humanitarian problems were held on the basis of IUEH with the participation of leading scientists from Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Russia and other countries. Scientists and university students, in turn, participated in many scientific forums that were held in Ukraine and abroad.

March 10, 2011, the university was accredited for the fourth educational qualification level.

International Cooperation

The Private Higher Education Establishment “Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities” cooperates with many higher educational institutions, organizations and foundations in the international arena. During the twenty-five years of the University’s existence, international cooperation and establishment connections with educational and scientific institutions in Europe is a priority activity for the University.

Nowadays, IUEH has established productive relationship with many foreign higher education institutions, in particular, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Finland, Spain and the USA. Agreements concluded with foreign partner universities include the exchange of students and teachers, the study of students abroad, the publishing of joint collections of scientific works, the publication of joint scientific journals, the conduct of joint research, the organization and conduct of international scientific conferences and seminars, exhibitions and forums.

The University works in the Erasmus + program. IUEH is actively involved in various international projects and grants. In 2018, the Faculty of Journalism won the grant “DESTIN: Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism. Nowadays the university is working on developing journalism programs that will meet European standards. This grant gives the university the opportunity to participate in various international conferences and to study the experience of higher education institutions in the whole Europe.

The University is involved in a number of international education, students and faculty mobility programs and is open to new initiatives for international cooperation.


The Faculty of Economics– Department of Economics and Finance;
– Department of Management.
072 Finance, Banking and Insurance (Bachelor / Master);
073 Management (Bachelor / Master);
75 Marketing (Bachelor);
051 Economics (Master / Postgraduate Education).
The Faculty of Health,
Physical Training and Sport
– Department of Human Health and Physical Therapy;
– Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Adaptive;
– Physical Culture Department of Physical Culture and Sports.
014 Secondary Education (Physical Culture) (Bachelor / Master);
227 Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy (Bachelor / Master);
017 Physical Culture and Sports (Bachelor / Master).
The Faculty of History and Philology– Department of Foreign Languages;
– Department of History;
– Department of Romano-Germanic Philology;
– Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature.
014 Secondary Education (Ukrainian Language and Literature) (Bachelor / Master);
014 Secondary Education (Language and Literature (English)) (Bachelor);
014 Secondary Education (History) (Bachelor / Master).
The Faculty of Cybernetics– Department of Information Systems and Computing Methods;
– Department of Mathematical Modeling.
121 Software Engineering (Bachelor / Master);
122 Computer Science (Bachelor / Master / Graduate Education);
14 Secondary Education (Informatics) (Bachelor / Master);
125 Cybersecurity (Bachelor).
The Faculty of Journalism– Department of Social Communications;
– Department of the Theory and Methodology of Journalistic Creativity.
061 Journalism (Bachelor / Master / Graduate Education).
Institute of Pedagogical Education
The Pedagogical Faculty
– Department of Pedagogy;
– Department of Elementary and Preschool Education;
– Department of Psychology.
012 Preschool Education (Bachelor / Master);
53 Psychology (Bachelor / Master);
013 Primary Education (Bachelor / Master).
The Faculty of Law– Department of Criminal Law and Justice;
– Department of Civil Law Disciplines;
– Department of Theory, State and Law and Philosophy.
Science of Law (Bachelor / Master / Graduate Education).
The Faculty of Nature and Geography – Department of Geography and Tourism.
014 Secondary Education (Biology and Human Health) (Bachelor);
242 Tourism (Bachelor / Master);
014 Secondary Education (Geography and Biology) (Bachelor / Master);
106 Geography (Bachelor / Master).
The Faculty of European Education Kodolanyi Janos University (Hungary)
Communication and Media Studies (Journalism);
Tourism and Hospitality;
Business Administration and Management.
Wielkopolska Higher School of Social Sciences and Economics (Poland)
Finance and Banking Economy of Enterprises and Personnel Management;
Rimary and Preschool Education;
Foreign and Domestic Economic Activity.
University of Euroregional Economy in Josefow (Poland)
EU Administrative Law;
Management in the hotel and Tourism Business.
Master Degree (Wielkopolska Higher School of Social Sciences and Economics (Poland)
Finance and Banking;
Economy of Enterprises and Personnel Management;
General Economy.