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13th Junior Research Conference «European and National Dimension in Research at educational institution “Polotsk State University”

The Conference is aimed at sharing the experience and presenting the outcome of research in different domains of science within the conference theme tracks in the international format.

For participation we invite students, graduates, postgtaduates and junior researchers of Belarus, CIS contries, Europe and Cenrtal Asia.

The programme of the conference:

The programme of the conference includes Plenary Session (March, 2021) and work within Workshops (March, 2021).

Tracks and workshops of the conference are the following:


  1. Humanities, Law, Economics, Social Sciences, Tourism

A1. Linguistics, Literature, Philology

A2. Education, Social Studies, Law, Gender Studies

A3. History, Cultural Studies, Tourism, Sports

A4. Economics

  1. Technology

B1. Architecture and Civil Engineering

B2. Technology, Machine-building

B3. ICT, Electronics, Programming, Geodesy

The detailed programme of the conference will be developed and sent to the participants after the application forms and articles are received and processed.  As a result of the conference the electronic publication of the materials is planned.

The location and period: the conference is going to be held online. The link to join the session and time will be sent on the eve of the conference.

Forms and conditions of the participation: Language of the conference: English. The participation is allowed in the following forms: online report, presentation, discussion; participation in absense: publication of the materials without making a report presentation.

The participation is free of charge.

The procedure of application anf registration: the participants should fill in online application form before April 16, 2021 (Microsoft Forms),  as well as submit to the Conference Board (e-mail: a research paper in the English language (obligatory) and in the Russian language (when possible) in the attached files, named by the number of workshop and surname in Latin letters as in passport (example: A1 Ivanov).

Those who are interested in participation should learn the requirements to the submission of papers in the attached file.

Additional information:

The address of the Conference Board: 211440, Novopolotsk, Blokhin Str.,29, International Office, tel. (214) 505709. Е-mail:

The University website:


Volha Zhuravskaya:, тел. 505709.

Iryna Papova:, тел. 505709.